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Find your Zen
When something has been designed really well, it has an understated, effortless beauty, and it really works.
by Sarah Susanka

Our mission is to help others manifest their dreams in the real world and articulate their thoughts through stunning content. Offering beautiful photography work, one-of-a-kind graphic and logo designs, and innovative modern websites, Original Zen will take your concepts and dreams to new heights.

250 Projects completed
12,835 Photos taken
46,930 Pixels created
102,890 Lines of code

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We are creative professionals
Dmitri Atrash - Founder


My name is Dmitri, and I am the founder of Original Zen. I am a dad, husband, photographer, web developer, and a graphic designer. I created Original Zen to help others share who they are and what they love most.

Dmitri Atrash

Lead Designer & Founder
Kate Atrash - Copywriter


Biography Coming Soon!

Kate Atrash

Team Member


Fiona was rescued from Pensacola, Florida and joined our family in 2016. Fiona is a beautiful, kind soul rolled into a feisty and scrappy package. She inspires us daily through her shenanigans to stop, laugh, and enjoy the little things in life.



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Our work will get you noticed. We will build your brand into something truly spectacular.

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We will propel your ideas into orbit. Take your business to places never thought possible before.

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Our designs are built on simplicity and beauty. Experience Zen and the art of design.

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Let us do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Sit back and relax, we've got this.

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After your project is delivered, we will continue to work to make sure your needs never go unmet.

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Every project that we create is as unique and hand-tailored to make your ideas stand out from the crowd.